C H U R C H  O F  G O D
Knowing God • Loving People • Sharing the Good News




The Elders of the Church provide care for the people and serve as shepherds to the flock of God. This is the mandate given to Elders in 1 Peter 5:1-10.  As shepherds who work under the supervision and authority of the pastor, each elder must seek first to be a care giver to the people of God's church.

The elder is a Disciple of the new converts and growing Christians.
S        The Elder is a public Servant.

H        The Elder is a Helper to the Pastor.

E        The Elder is an Exhorter and Edifier of the people.

P        The Elder is a Prayer Partner to the Pastor and each member of his oversight.

H        The Elder is a model of genuine Humility.

E        The Elder is an Evangelist, who leads people to the Lord.

R        The Elder is a spiritual Role Model to the people he serves.

D        The Elder is a Disciple of new converts and growing Christians.