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Girl's Clubs Ministries


These clubs were created for the purpose of:

                                                                                         * Encouraging growth in Christ

                                                                                         * Developing personal character, abilities, and skills                                                  
                                                                                         * Discovering ways to serve others
                                                                                         * Providing Christian fellowship and recreation
                                                                                         * Winning peers for Christ 


Little Sweethearts 
For girls ages 3 to 5. Preschool girls learn who Jesus is, how special they are to Him, and through Bible stories, hands on activities and merit badge studies as part of a three-year achievement series. Club meets every Wednesday night @ 7 pm.
For girls in the first, second, and third grades. Primary girls are provided exciting learning experiences through a three-year achievement series, Bluebelles Bible Investigations, merit badge studies and group activities. Club meets every Wednesday night @ 7 pm.
Joy Belles 
For girls in fourth, fifth, ad sixth grades. Junior girls are provided group activities, an exciting three-year achievement program, Journeys With Joy Belles,  and merit badge studies.            Club meets every Wednesday night @ 7 pm.
Young Ladies Ministry
This club is for the young women in grades seven through twelve. It is an outreach ministry to draw girls first o the church, then to Christ as their Savior. The girls do not have to be members of the Church of God or Christians. The highest aspiration, however, is that each one will become saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit.

The YLM program provides teen girls with an achievement incentive, options for service projects, and social activities for the purpose of developing personal excellence and establishing a personal relationship with Christ as she discovers biblical patterns for living. Other important elements of the program are promotion of healthy choices, Christian leadership training. Christian fellowship and recreation, and opportunities for witnessing to peers.