Music Ministry

Conway Church of God has always been recognized for its unique music style.  We are a Pentecostal Church, and nothing reflects that better than our music.  We sing a blended style of Praise & Worship, Southern Gospel, Soul-Stirring Spirituals, mixed with revived hymns that have been adapted to our unique style of worship.  It is our goal to create a Pentecostal atmosphere where the flow of the Holy Spirit is evident and the worship is genuine.
Whereas, we appreciate many other styles of music and expressions of worship, our unique music has distinguished us as a Worshiping Church where the Holy Spirit directs the flow.
We encourage our entire congregation to sing unto the Lord, and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  Our Lively style of celebrating God has been a tool God has chosen to use to set the captives free, and our worship seems to be God's way of replenishing us and refreshing us in our walk with him.  We urge each person to come an enter into His presence, the transforming atmosphere of Conway Church of Gods unique Pentecostal style of worship.