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Direction, Open Door
posted by: Seth on 4/2/2013

I’m in the US Army, stationed in Korea, and in June I’m going to my next duty station. I haven’t made a request, and it’s getting late. I’d like to request Ft Carson, because there are a lot of Christians in that area, and I think it may be a good place for me to stay strong in the Lord and grow. I’ve heard Christians tell me there’s an “open heaven” over the Colorado Springs area. Please pray that if I should be stationed there, that God will open the way. Whether it’s that base or some other base, pray that God will lead me to the base that will lead me towards His destiny for me, and to a place of belonging, where I can grow in the Lord. Pray that everywhere I send this prayer request, God will draw many powerful prayer warriors to pray for it with great faith, and guide them in how to pray. Thanks.
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physical healing
posted by: Jerome D. Pierce on 3/12/2013

03/12 /2013 TO My Brother's & Sister in Christ, Prayer of agreement on my Health the Doctor say I'd have Sugar Diabetes & High Blood Pressure & I'd also have a head & Chest cold as well. I'm believing by Faith 1st Peter 2nd Chapter & 24 verse by Jesus 39 Stripes I'm totally healed over All of these I'd just mention. When I'd go back to the Doctor on April 9th the report will be that I've will be physical bless In Jesus name Amen & Amen thanks, Brother Jerome Pierce
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marriage restoration
posted by: Peggy on 2/10/2013

My husband is a member of clergy. But has been convinced its ok to divorce over disagrements. Its not ok. Unkind family members are being used by the enemy to destroy us. I pray God opens his eyes to truth and softens his heart. And directs L.S.back to the bibles true words on marriage. Thank you God Bless
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Pray for employment for my husband
posted by: Cindi Soutter on 2/5/2013

Please pray for me and my family. We have no income and have been in SC. for 8 months with my husband trying to find work. God answered our prayer for help with our rent for February, I pray he is kind to us before March when another month is due, that hopefully my husband would find some work here in Conway. Please pray for peace in my heart and freedom from my chronic pain, and that I will get my Disability claim with my new attorneys. Amen
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prayer in financial difficulties
posted by: Cindi Soutter on 1/18/2013

Please pray for me, my son and my husband as we exhausted all unemployment benefits. Please pray for assistance to us, help us to keep peace in our home and hearts knowing that people care.
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Healing for Sharon
posted by: Deborah on 1/16/2013

Please pray for my brothers mother n law. She has cancer and has taken a turn for the worse. Her name is Sharon Hart. Thank you, Deborah
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